May 2019

As of 17th of May , 1 million 38 thousand square meters of housing was commissioned in the republic, which is 42.8% of the plan. This was announced today by the Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Tatarstan Irek Faizullin at a meeting in the House of Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. The meeting in the form of video conference was held by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Aleksey Pesoshin took part in the meeting. The Minister reported that the Inspectorate of State Construction Supervision since the beginning of 2019 conducted about 500 inspections. For violation of the rules and regulations of labor protection, 107 resolutions were issued for a total amount of 4 million 470 thousand rubles. Self-regulatory organizations conducted inspections of 425 organizations - members of the SRO.

May 2019

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildus Nasyrov, heads and representatives of executive committees of Chistopol, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Vysokogorsky and other municipal districts, the State Housing Inspection and management companies of the republic. As part of the event, the participants visited the facilities of the housing and communal complex of Chistopol; an automated accounting system for premises owners was presented that greatly simplifies the job of managing companies. At the meeting, the heads of the management companies described the work of their organizations, voiced problematic issues, and also offered to consider the possibility of state support in terms of purchasing equipment to service the housing stock on preferential terms or providing grants. During the meeting, were announced the results of the republican contest “The best managing organization in the sphere of management of apartment houses of the Republic of Tatarstan” in 2018.

May 2019

The new code of rules  415.1325800.2018 “Public buildings. Acoustic design rules". The norms of the document are aimed at providing optimal acoustic conditions in indoor sports and entertainment facilities of large capacity. In addition, the rules set out the requirements for the main architectural and construction parameters of the halls, which determine their acoustics, for sound insulation from penetrating noises, as well as recommendations for calculating and developing noise protection measures. The document specifies the acoustic criteria for evaluating the halls, the requirements for the design documentation for the sections “Acoustics”, “Noise protection” and “Electro-acoustics”, the requirements for the main characteristics of the sound system for sports halls. The document was developed by the team of the Research Institute of Building Physics of the Russian Academy of Architectural and Construction Sciences (RAACS). The set of rules passed the examination of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 465 "Construction".

May 2019

Irek Faizullin addressed to the Republican national team on the competence “Construction and construction technologies” before the VII National Championship “Young Professionals”. As the Minister noted, participation in these prestigious competitions is a special honor and high responsibility. The hard work and strong-willed character helped the participants to achieve impressive results and to join the national team of Tatarstan. “You and everyone who worked with you have done a tremendous job, I mean your teachers and experts. Today, more than ever, the construction industry needs competent specialists who are versed in modern technologies and can quickly and efficiently do their work.” Irek Faizullin expressed confidence that in the upcoming competitions the Republican national team will perform with dignity and show a high level of professionalism. “Support each other as a national team and fight to the last. Sincerely, together with my colleagues, together with the leadership of Tatarstan, I wish you success. We will keep tabs on you, we will cheer for you.”

First Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan Alexei Frolov met with a delegation from the Republic of Ingushetia headed by Deputy Minister of Construction and Chief Architect Lida Plieva. During the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects for cooperation in the field of architecture, urban planning, housing and utilities. The delegation included representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Ingushetia, the administration of the municipality of Magas, representatives of the administration of the town of Sunzha, Nazran, Karabulak and Malgobek. Tatarstan was represented by representatives of the Ministry of Construction of Tatarstan, Deputy Chairman of External Improvement of Municipal Election Commission Kazan, Igor Salyakhutdinov, Director of the Department of Architectural Projects of the Foundation for the Development of Cities of the Republic of Tatarstan Ainaz Yarmiyev, Head of the Architectural Landing Design Group Almaz Valiullin. Having greeted the guests, First Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan Alexei Frolov told how work was carried out in terms of the housing and communal complex in the republic.

A new set of rules SP 414.1325800.2018 “Permanent formwork. Design rules. The document spelled out requirements for the design of monolithic and precast monolithic buildings and structures erected using permanent formwork. The rules apply to the volume-shield formwork, manufactured from cement-bonded chipboard, and permanent formwork mounted from high-hollow concrete blocks. The document contains the basic requirements for structures and materials for permanent formwork, as well as it's architectonic and design parameters. In addition, the code of rules establishes norms in the design and construction of walls mounted from formwork blocks, as well as on the strength and deformation characteristics of the formwork during transport and rigging, installation operations and the laying of concrete. The code of rules was developed by the authors of the JSC SIC “Stroitelstvo” - NIIZHB named after  A.A. Gvozdev. The document passed the examination of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 465 "Construction". Read the document here.

May 2019

On May 11, speaking at a regional video-conference held by Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov with participation of Prime Minister of the republic Aleksey Pesoshin, Tatarstan Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities Irek Faizullin said that as of May 11, 2019, capital repair of multi-apartment houses has been implemented in the amount of 496 m 454 thousand roubles, which makes 8,55 per cent of the plan for the current year.

Capital repair of social facilities and other facilities is underway in the republic. As many as 31 buildings of Executives Committees (Councils) of municipalities with the total funding amounting to 49 mln 345,82 thousand roubles are planned to be overhauled in Tatarstan.

As of May 8, as many as 20 of 31 planned facilities are being overhauled. Capital repair of three facilities has been completed.

As many as 112 million 415.7 thousand roubles for the major repair of youth centres and enhancing their material base were allocated in 2019. The works at 8 of 9 planned facilities are underway.

As of May 8, as many as 26 youth clubs with the total funding amounting to 100 million roubles are being overhauled.

As many as 13 facilities of municipal archives of the republic with the total funding amounting to 50 million roubles will be overhauled in 2019. As of May 8, the works at 9 of 13 planned facilities are underway.

Major repair of institutions of social services and social protection with the total funding amounting to 121 million 300 thousand roubles and cultural facilities with the total funding amounting to 401 million 765,17 thousand roubles are planned to be overhauled in the republic in 2019.

As many as 33 facilities of the State Veterinary Service and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the republic will be overhauled in the current year.

May 2019

Dear compatriots! Dear Colleagues!

I cordially congratulate you on the upcoming Great Victory Day! 9th of May  is one of the most tragic days in the history of our country, and not only ours. Every hour of that terrible war showed the world an example of heroism, the fearlessness of the Soviet soldier, the self-sacrifice of those who worked in home front, helping to forge the Victory. This day is necessary for us - children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who went through those terrible years, and those who did not return home. This day does not allow us to forget that no goals justify human sacrifice, and life is the most valuable gift! We must understand how fragile the world is, how valuable all that we can see and feel every minute of our life. Kowtow to those who did not lose heart before a great danger, did not regret themselves, gave their strength to the front, to the rear and the desired victory, which our Fatherland received at an incredible price. I wish you good health, happiness in the house, warmth and a peaceful sky!

With respect,

Irek Fayzullin

Today, in Kazan, another unfinished construction project was put into operation - house number 14 in Chetaev street for 136 apartments. The developer of project was Firm "Svei LLC". The house became the first problematic object of the deceived real estate investors, put into operation this year, thus, in the capital of Tatarstan, out of 30 houses of the second wave of deceived real estate investors, 13 objects not commissioned. Ilsur Metshin, Mayor of Kazan, congratulated the co-investors of the fourth house on the long-awaited event. Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin examined two two-room apartments. In total, the house has 68 one-room and 68 two-room apartments, in which a rough finish is made. In addition to apartments with a total area of ​​6,683.9 square meters, the house has non-residential premises of over 800 square meters on the ground floor and in the basement.

May 2019

From 24 to 26 of April 2019 in the Tyumen Industrial University was held the final round of the All-Russian Student Olympiad in the direction of 08.03.01 "Construction", the profile "Water supply and sanitation" (undergraduate level). The All-Russian Student Olympiad in the Water Supply and Sewerage profile in the “Construction” direction has been held since 2016. Its goal is to consolidate and deepen the knowledge and skills of students formed during the learning process. This year's Olympiad tasks included questions on hydraulics, water supply, sewerage, pumps and pumping stations, sanitary equipment of buildings and operation of water supply and sewage systems. From KSUAE, Department of Water Supply and Wastewater, in the final round of the Olympiad took part students of the 4th year of the undergraduate group 5BB01 Alimov Ramis Shamilevich, Safina Alia Rafisovna, Sokolova Anastasia Evgenievna. Team Leader - Senior Lecturer of the Department "Water Supply and Sanitation" Khisameeva Lilia Rakhimzyanovna. According to the results of the All-Russian Student Olympiad, Safina Alia Rafisovna, a student of the KSUAE, was awarded 1st place (awarded with the I Degree Diploma), 3rd place was also given to the KSUAE student Sokolova Anastasia Evgenievna (III Degree). In the team round of the Olympiad Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering took the first place.

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