November 2018

Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Public Utilities of the Republic of Tatarstan Ilshat Gimaev met with representatives of municipalities on the current state of implementation of housing construction programs in 2018. Opening the meeting, the Deputy Minister noted that the May Decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin of 2018 set clear goals for the regions in the construction industry: "Improving the living conditions of our citizens remains one of the key tasks. To solve it, it is important to increase the amount of housing commissioned every year," - he imphasized. Ilshat Gimaev reminded that today the plan for housing commissioning has been fulfilled in 9 municipalities (Pestrechinsky, Laishevsky, Tukayevsky, Vysokogorsky, Tyulyachinsky, Kaibitsky, Kukmorsky, Zainsky and Yutazinsky districts): tasks require rapid joint work of developers and resource supplying organizations. All problematic issues need to be addressed jointly, taking into account the interests of all parties. " The meeting discussed the formation of national programs in the construction sector for 2019-2021. At the end of the meeting, Ilshat Gimaev stressed that the main task is to maintain and improve the pace, paying special attention to the quality of construction.

From November 5 to November 19, 2018, the International School of Young Architect "ARTpolis" is held at the Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KGASU), in which students of the Institute of Architecture and Design take part in the KGASU joint diploma program - the University of East London, students architects from 13 universities in Russia and the near abroad: Perm, Voronezh, Samara, Izhevsk, Magnitogorsk, Orel, Novokuznetsk, Omsk, Saransk, Kursk, Penza and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), as well as high school students of Kazan schools, including students Children's architectural and design school "Dashka" (KGASU). The International School is organized by the International Relations Office and the Institute of Architecture and Design of KGASU with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. The school is conducted as part of a grant from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). The school program consists of three blocks: a theoretical block, master classes and a workshop. The implementation of this project is very important for the city, since the development of culture gives impetus to the development of society and the economy as a whole, forms a favorable background and contributes to the transformation of the territory. The territory of the Kazan Theater of Young Spectators has a great potential to become a center of culture, a place of creative development of Kazan residents of all ages.

November 2018

On November 8, 2018 in the conference hall of KGASU within the framework of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "SMART Polis" / "Intellectual City: Sustainability, Management, Architecture, Renovation, Technology" held at KGASU on November 8-9, a round table "United Information environment as a prerequisite for improving energy efficiency in housing and utilities. " The rector of KGASU R.K. Nizamov and Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Tatarstan I.N. Nasyrov. During the round table, there was a discussion of issues on the topics of reports, issues of interaction between government and non-state structures, education, science and practice, including information cooperation, methods for improving the energy efficiency of apartment buildings, etc. The participants of the event visited the new Center for Engineering Systems KGASU "SYSTEMS". The tour was conducted by the head of the department of heat power engineering, gas supply and ventilation R.A. Sadykov and associate professor R.G. Safiullin. The university guests were shown a conference room, halls of heat generation and microclimate, water supply and drainage, renewable energy sources, were introduced to laboratory complexes and stands, their equipment, and talked about the capabilities of the Center.


In the Republic of Tatarstan, in the field of labor protection in construction, the Inspectorate of State Construction Supervision and the State Labor Inspectorate from the beginning of 2018 carried out 1 thousand 263 inspections. For violation of the rules and regulations of labor protection, 391 resolutions were issued for a total amount of 15 million 135 thousand rubles. Irek Faizullin, Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Tatarstan, began his speech at a meeting in the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan today. Irek Fayzullin told during the meeting that as of November 9, 2018, 1 million 973.8 thousand sq. m. of housing, which is 82.1% of the plan. According to the program of social mortgage, the State Housing Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan (State Housing Fund

of the Republic of Tatarstan) reported to statistics bodies for 136 houses for 5 thousand 656 apartments with an area of ​315.7 thousand square meters. As of November 9, 2018, the construction of rural clubs was completed at 24 sites: Menzelinsky, Sabinsky, Zainsky, Mamadyshsky, Drozhzhanovsky, Kaybitsky, Laishevsky, Baltasinsky, Spassky, Novosheshminsky, Rybno-Slobodsky, Nurlatsky, Alkeevsky, Axubayevevsky, Yevsheshminsky, Rybno-Slobodsky, Nurlatsky, Alkeevsky, Aksubayevevsky, Evshivskyevsky Aktanyshsky, Yutazinsky, Aznakaevsky, Arsky, Kukmorsky, Alekseevsky, Tetyushinsky, Agryzsky districts. Construction is continuing at 4 sites, including roofing, finishing works, engineering networks at 2 sites in; external engineering networks, landscaping at 2 sites.

November 2018

The federal, regional and municipal mass media, journalists, press services (public relations departments) of municipal administrations covering the construction, architecture and housing and communal services of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as students of all faculties of technical schools, colleges, institutes and Universities are invited to participation.

An obstetric center has opened today in the village of Stary Urussu of the Yutazinsky district, the executive committee of the Yutazinsky district on social issues reported.

The opening of the feldsher-midwife station was made possible thanks to the republican target program “Improving Primary Health Care for the Population of Tatarstan”.

From 2012 to 2017, 413 first-aid and obstetric points were built for the amount of 1.03 billion rubles. Constructed medical and obstetric facilities are fully equipped with medical equipment and furniture in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

In 2017, 42 modular medical and obstetric points for a total of 330 million rubles were built and commissioned. In 2018, it is planned to hand over 44 feldsher-midwife stations.

November 2018

According to the monitoring data, in the Republic of Tatarstan in the framework of the overhaul repairing program of apartment buildings as of November 1, 2018, work on 440 objects was completed, 230 apartment buildings were accepted by the State Housing Inspectorate. Alexey Frolov, First Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Tatarstan, brought these data today at a meeting in the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan. The meeting was held by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Alexey Pesoshin. In the videoconferencing mode, the meeting was held with all municipal districts of the republic. Recall that in the overhaul repairing program of apartment buildings for 2018, 43 municipal districts take part (except for Alkeyevsky and Drozhzhanovsky districts).

November 2018

As part of his working visit to the Alekseevsky Municipal District, the head of the department for development of the building complex of the Ministry of Construction of Tatarstan Dinar Sagdatullin took part in the opening of a new multifunctional center in the village of Tigan Bulyak. The multifunctional center was built under the Republican program “Village Clubs” at the expense of the budget of the Republic of Tatarstan. Multifunctional center is designed for 50 seats. Despite the fact that the club has opened recently, the work plan has already been planned. For local residents, there are dance evenings, days of board games, concerts and master classes.

In 2018, overhaul repairing was carried out in seven educational organizations in Laishevsky district: four schools and three kindergartens. Today, the grand opening of the kindergarten after a major overhaul repairing took place in the village Stolbyshche. It will be named “Aquarelka”, the press service of the Laishevsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan reports. The overhaul repairing of the building took place this year, the kindergarten is designed for 75 places. According to Mikhail Fadeev, the builders did a tremendous job and approached it creatively. Fadeev noted that the kindergarten is very well equipped, the territory is landscaped, it will be interesting for the children to study. The representative of the contracting organization gave the head of the kindergarten Dilya Hamatgaleyeva a symbolic key. In the current year, overhaul was carried out in seven educational organizations in Laishevsky district: four schools and three kindergartens.

The National Center for Public Control in the Housing and Public Utilities Sphere with the support of the state corporation, the Housing and Utilities Reform Facilitation Fund, held the first All-Russian contest “Super-Households”. The purpose of the Competition is to identify and make public the best practices of managing apartment buildings, to promote the growth of the number of responsible homeowners in Russia, to encourage quality management organizations and associations of owners. The winner in the nomination "Exemplary Management Company" was LLC "PKF" "Zhilkomservis" (Naberezhnye Chelny), the general director - Olga Nikolaevna Tarnaeva. The winner was awarded a diploma, a sign "Super Households" and a silver sign "Quality mark of housing and communal services".

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