февраля 2018 г.

The prestigious settlement of an 18-storey residential building with a built-in private kindergarten was held today in the microdistrict "Salavat Cooper" in Kazan. The happy residents of 255 apartments were the participants of the social mortgage program - large families, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, employees of the budgetary sphere. "We are settling in the new microdistrict "Salavat Cooper" the second house in the new year. Improving the quality of life of the population is the task of our republic. Thanks to the implementation of the social mortgage program in Tatarstan and the support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, we are building modern houses with well-maintained yards, "- said Ilshat Gimayev, Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Tatarstan. All apartments in the new building are equipped with fire detectors and automatic systems for reading the data of the metering devices of the housing and communal services.

Today, within the framework of the weekly personal reception of citizens, Deputy Minister Ilshat Gimaev met with participants in the shared housing construction of the companies Svei, StroyKom, Fon, Mag-Stroy. At the reception, visitors were able to ask questions about the current situation on the construction sites and the measures being taken.

февраля 2018 г.

Shops in rural areas are the centers of public life for many localities. But unfortunately, private investors are not ready to develop modern trade and household infrastructure in settlements with a population of less than 100 people. To support the socially oriented industry, in 2017 the program "Construction of block-modular retail facilities with equipment" (Rural shops) for the first time in rural settlements was realized. 53 objects have been built in 31 municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan. The volume of financing amounted to 83, 95 million rubles. Also, under the technology of block-modular construction in the republic, feldsher-midwifery, precinct veterinary stations, medical dispensaries and pathoanatomical departments are being built. Thanks to these republican programs, a social sphere develops in the countryside, life conditions for the residents of the districts are created.

февраля 2018 г.

On February 17, speaking at a regional video-conference held by Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov with participation of Prime Minister of the republic Aleksey Pesoshin and all regional municipalities in the Government House of the republic, Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Tatarstan Irek Faizullin reported that as of February 16, as many as 628,600 square metres of housing, which makes 26.2 per cent of the plan for 2018 and 161.3 per cent as compared to the same period last year, have been commissioned in Tatarstan.

297 orphans and children without parents in Tatarstan will receive accommodation this year. The head of the Ministry of Construction of the Republic Irek Faizullin told this at a meeting in the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan. In Tatarstan, in addition to issuing apartments to orphans, it is planned to channel budget funds for housing to families, Fayzullin added. We are talking about the amount of 331 million 319.7 thousand rubles, which will be spent on 164 families, among them 45 large families.

Eight new pools under the program of additional sports objects in the districts will appear in Tatarstan this year. As for the construction of universal gyms, according to Faizullin, the work began at all five facilities. The new sites will be available to residents of Alekseevsky, Apastovsky, Drozhzhanovsky, Laishevsky and Cheremshansky districts of the Republic of Tatarstan.

In Tatarstan, the construction of 18 rural clubs began. The head of the Ministry of Construction of the Republic Irek Faizullin told this at a meeting in the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan. According to him, this year it is planned to erect 28 similar objects. Now preparations are underway for the construction of three - in Agryz, Aznakaev and Baltaiski districts. In the Kukmor district, builders are currently working on the building roofing, Faizullin specified. At 10 sites they build a foundation, in other four put the walls, he added.

февраля 2018 г.

The total amount of mortgage loans issued by Tatarstan banks in 2017 amounted to 66.4 billion rubles, which is significantly higher than the pre-crisis level in 2014, - said the deputy head of the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Tatarstan Ilshat Gimaev.

"The main driver of the construction market is the mortgage, which today has a good tendency to reduce interest rates. This is due to the policy of the Central Bank, which systematically reduces the key rate and gives a positive signal to market participants to reduce interest rates, "said Gimayev during the round table of RBC-Tatarstan. The Deputy Minister noted the importance of joint work of banks and developers, thanks to which the residents of the republic improve their living conditions. "We need to pay tribute to the banks - everyone together with developers creates products that are not always available to others," explained Gimayev.

The Tatarstan Ministry of Construction, Architecture,  Housing and Communal Services is hosting the RBC-Tatarstan roundtable "Mortgage in Tatarstan: Low Rates — are Great Opportunities?", Which is attended by heads of state structures, as well as representatives of leading construction companies and the banking community of Tatarstan. Among other things, experts are discussing the development of the construction market in the context of lower mortgage rates.

февраля 2018 г.

Today in the State Unitary Enterprise "Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt" the seminar "Penetron-Russia" was held on the topic: "Import-substituting innovative methods of protecting reinforced concrete structures from corrosion, as a method of reducing financial costs in the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures." Representatives of design, construction and engineering organizations took part in the seminar. The participants are aware of the problems of corrosion of concrete and reinforced concrete structures for industrial and civil purposes, the main differences of penetrating and surface waterproofing mixtures, russian innovative materials and technologies for restoration of waterproofing and the structure of concrete and stone elements of structures.

Information-Advisory group on legal aid carried out in the rural settlement of Big Tigans and Bilyarsk of Alekseevsky municipal area of Republic Tatarstan. The event was attended by the specialist of the legal Department of the Ministry of construction, architecture and housing and utilities RT L. A. Akhmetzyanova.

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