Tatarstan will invest 1.6 billion rubles in the construction of swimming pools and gyms

4 July 2018, Wednesday

Universal sports complexes will appear in rural areas of Tatarstan, 4 of them have already been put into operation. The program for the construction of indoor swimming pools and universal gyms is new for Tatarstan. It involves the construction of 5 gyms and 8 indoor swimming pools. Sports facilities are being built in district centers, though earlier local residents could only dream of such complexes. Gyms are already built in Cheremshansky, Apastovsky, Drozhzhanovsky and Laishevsky districts. The latest one was commissioned in the village of Usady near Kazan just a few days ago. On the ground floor of the building there are a universal gym, a zone for simulators, a coaching room, a medical officer's room, a medical treatment room, office rooms and other premises. Another room for training is on the second floor. The gym is equipped with a special coating for active pursuits, including volleyball, basketball and other sports. There are also the construction of swimming pools in the republic, which will be opened in Verkhneuslonsky, Atninsky, Nizhnekamsky, Pestrechinsky, Tyulyachinsky, Apastovsky, Mamadyshsky and Tukayevsky districts of the republic.

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