The overhaul of apartment buildings in the Republic of Tatarstan was completed on 35%: the commission examined the progress of work

11 June 2019, Tuesday

Under the overhaul program, 942 houses are planned to be reconstructed with a total area of ​​5.6 million square meters.  The overhaul of apartment buildings in Tatarstan was completed by more than a quarter. Under the overhaul program, 942 houses are planned for reconstruction. Experts appreciated the progress of repairs in the houses. The main types of work related to the preparation of houses for the heating season: laying of engineering networks, repair of facades and roofing. The main work must be completed before the end of summer. “This year we quickly went to overhaul. We prepared project estimate documentation in advance and accordingly began work on time, we will be able to manage it and complete the overhaul earlier, ” - said the deputy director of the State institution Glavinveststroy RT Airat Abuzyarov. Today, houses for overhaul come from the monitoring program, where management organizations bring all the technical characteristics of a residential house: wear, year of construction, detours of the management company. Based on these characteristics, the houses fall into the overhaul repairing program.

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