November 2019

After a major overhaul, the House of Culture opened. For these purposes, 15 million rubles were allocated from the republican budget. The grand opening was held with the participation of the head of the Zainsky district, Razif Karimov. The builders insulated the facade and sheathed it with metal siding, updated all communications - water supply, drainage, heating, electricity, ventilation, redecorated rooms, corridors, hall, auditorium and stage.

Today, in the special economic zone "Alabuga", Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan Y.L. Alyashev held meetings to review the construction of engineering and industrial infrastructure facilities of  "Alabuga" Special Economic Zone within program for 2019 on the reconstruction of district treatment facilities for domestic, industrial wastewater Special Economic Zone of the industrial type Alabuga and the city of Elabuga, carried out as part of federal project "Improvement of the Volga". During the meeting on the construction of infrastructure facilities of the SEZ "Alabuga", attended by representatives of the Customer JSC "Special economic zone of industrial-production type "Alabuga ", LLC "Alabuga Development ". "KGES" PJSC and contracting organizations, the Customer reported on the pace of construction of the Synergy Industrial and Technological Park (building 3 to house a modern plant for the production of PAN precursor, buildings 4.1, 4.2). Particular attention at the meetings was paid to compliance with safety and labor protection.

In Almetyevsk, was opened thee kindergarten for 220 places. A large-scale project in the city was carried out thanks to the national project “Demography”. The new kindergarten is a modern center for child development. There are all conditions for music, physical education, there is an excellent medical room, 12 playgrounds on the premises of the institution and 1 sports ground. In the future, it is planned to organize additional educational and medical services: the development of musical, dance and rhythmic abilities of little Almetyevsk citizens, the study of English and the Tatar language.

November 2019

After overhaul repairing the opening of the "Combinat Zdorovya" took place in Zainsk. 28 million rubles were allocated from the republican budget for repairs. The builders replaced the heating network and ventilation system, which were worn out. They bought new washing machines in the laundry room. After major repairs, the plant was transformed beyond recognition. To date, all conditions have been created here for the high-quality service of Zainsk citizens.

On November 2, speaking at the Government House of the republic at a regional video-conference held by Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin, Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Utilities of the republic Aleksey Frolov said that since the beginning of 2019, the State Construction Inspectorate of the republic has carried out 1,210 inspections and issued 304 decisions on imposing fines for the sum of 12 m 304 thousand roubles for violations of labour safety rules and regulations.

Self-regulatory organizations have carried out inspections at 1088 member organizations.

He also said that during the reported period, 16 accidents were registered at construction sites of the republic, two of them were fatal.

Frolov reported that as of November 1, 2019, as many as 1 mln 867 thousand square meters of housing, which makes 78 per cent of the plan for the current year, have been commissioned in Tatarstan.

To date, as many as 14 municipalities have fully implemented the plan for house commissioning.

The Minister continued that as many as 165 houses for 7,838 apartments with the total area of 438,300 square meters are planned to be commissioned under the investment programme of Presidential State Housing Fund of the republic.

As of November 1, the Fund has reported to the statistics agencies on 91 houses for 3,433 apartments with the total area of 192,300 square meters under the investment programme.

As many as 37 construction facilities are in a high degree of readiness, 24 facilities are in an average readiness degree and 13 facilities are in a low.

It is planned to accommodate 447 families with the funds allocated for 2019.

The programme envisages improving living conditions of 309 orphans and children left without parental care and people of this category.

Certificates for accommodation have been issued to 33 large families with 5 or more children, 54 young families and 51 internally displaced citizens.

As many as 131 houses are planned to be built under the multi-apartment houses investment programme, 95 of them have been commissioned and 30 houses are in a high degree of readiness.

As many as 7,048 of 7,325 planned houses with the total area of 916,300 square meters have been commissioned under individual housing construction.

Under Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment federal project, the work is underway at all facilities. Under Accessible Environment programme the work has been completed at all 12 facilities.

Frolov also reported on construction of facilities of agricultural sector of the republic.

November 2019

Dear compatriots! Dear colleagues!

I congratulate you on the Day of National Unity and the Constitution Day of the Republic of Tatarstan! At the behest of fate and history, people of different nationalities and religions have proved that they are a single people. Over the centuries, for many generations we have gained invaluable experience of good neighborliness and mutual respect. We have developed special relationships, and we must protect them - this is our strength. Dear fellow countrymen! These holidays once again remind us that the future of our republic, our country is the responsibility of each of us. We must be united in our desire to work for the benefit of children, families, the small and large Motherland. With all our hearts we wish you happiness, health, prosperity, new labor achievements in the name of unity and prosperity of the Republic of Tatarstan and Russia!

Overhaul of the "Saydash" cultural center, one of the main objects of culture and recreation in the Sovetsky District, was completed in Kazan. As part of the overhaul, the soft roof, window openings, entrance groups, facade, engineering and technical support were repaired, and hygienic premises were also equipped. Overhaul in the "Saydash" cultural center began in 2018. The total area of ​​the 3-story building is 7.3 thousand square meters. Before the repair was started, a construction examination was carried out. Based on the results of a technical examination, for further safe operation of the building, it was decided to strengthen the foundation, restore the brick part of the building and carry out waterproofing, insulate the external load-bearing walls of the object. “The object constructed almost half a century ago was in unsatisfactory condition and needed major repairs. All types of construction and installation works were carried out in compliance with all technological norms and standards,” - said Ilshat Akhmetshin, chief specialist of Glavinveststroy RT State Institution. In addition, was made repair of the soft roof, window openings, entrance groups, and the arrangement of hygiene facilities. Windows and doors in the building are replaced with new ones that meet modern thermal technology requirements.

October 2019

In Tatarstan, the program for the overhaul repairing of the network of teenage clubs for 2019 was completed. Over the four years of the program’s existence, 114 objects were repaired throughout the republic in the amount of about 400 million rubles. In 2019, as in previous years, all work on the plan was completed - 26 teenage clubs opened after a major overhaul. 100 million rubles were allocated for the implementation of the program. In addition, over the year in Tatarstan, 11 buildings of agricultural departments and 22 objects of veterinary services were repaired in the amount of 50 million rubles.

October 2019

The program to restore street lighting in rural areas in the republic began in 2014. The program includes: increasing the length of illuminated streets in rural areas, as well as the introduction of energy-efficient and energy-saving sources of street lighting. Since the implementation of the program, more than 2 thousand electricity metering panels and 68 thousand lamps have been installed. Over 1.5 thousand km of self-supporting insulated wires have been laid.  The financing of the program over the years amounted to more than 1 billion rubles. The state customer of the program is SPI “Fund for gasification, energy-saving technologies and development of engineering networks of the Republic of Tatarstan”.

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