• 17.06.2017

    On the objects of capital repair of housing revealed the facts against the approved schedule of works

    In the Republic of Tatarstan capital repair of apartment houses under the program of 2017 started to 899 of 996 points in all 43 municipal districts. This was announced today at a meeting at Government House Tatarstan by Minister of construction, architecture and housing of Tatarstan Irek Faizullin. The meeting was held in video conference format with all municipal regions of the Tatarstan with President Rustam Minnikhanov. Irek Faizullin reported on the progress of capital repair of educational institutions. So, as of 15 June, work is underway at all planned 146 sites, of which 29 secondary schools, 7 special schools and 110 pre-school organizations. Works on capital repair of 4 children's health camps complete. In addition, in the Republic it is planned to repair the created resource centers (colleges). As of June 15, work is underway at all 10 sites (funding for the program is 681,38 million). Capital repair of cultural objects is also carried out on all 44 sites of the program in 2017. Overhaul of youth clubs is carried out at 28 sites (out of 29 submitted to the program in 2017). While 12 sites are completed (Almetyevsk, Zelenodolsk, Zainsk, Mendelian, Nizhnekamsk and Kazan). Irek Faizullin also reported on the progress of repairs of the buildings of the settlement councils of municipal formations of the Republic of Tatarstan, agencies of social services, municipal archives.
  • 16.06.2017

    RT Ministry of construction held an extended meeting on issues of information content of pricing

    Today Ministry of construction, architecture and housing and communal services of the Republic of Tatarstan discussed the implementation of the reform of pricing in construction. The meeting was opened by the Minister of construction, architecture and housing and communal services Irek Faizullin. He outlined issues that will connect all municipalities of the Republic, Executive committees of the system. "Tatarstan has a developed base of the construction industry, according to our statistics in the Republic of 1 thousand 460 industrial enterprises of building materials. Now we are working on behalf of the Ministry of the Russian Federation, Federal expertise for the implementation of the authority delegated to the FAA "Glavgasexpertiza of Russia" Kazan branch was established a working group that carried out the work with municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan",- said the Minister. Irina Lishchenko said: "I express my gratitude to Tatarstan, last year the launch, which was given the system to reform pricing outlined the purpose, and today we want to show you the very system of GIS pricing". Irina elaborated on the legal status of the system, information flow. She noted that all Federal Executive bodies are tied to the interaction during the monitoring centroidline resources. "We are from Rosstat and the Federal customs service obtained a list of entities that will be loaded into the system and those entities that find themselves in a GIS system will continue on a quarterly basis to provide relevant information necessary for the formation of estimated prices of construction resources", she said.
  • 15.06.2017

    For five years Republic has renovated 550 thousand square meters of medical space

    15.06.2017 In Tatarstan in the framework of modernization of the health sector in 2017 by the corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Tatarstan from 08.11.2016 No. 2580-R funding in the amount of 330 million rubles. This was told today during a press conference in IA "Tatar-inform" by Deputy Minister of construction, architecture and housing and communal services of RT Ilshat Gimaev. This year in Tatarstan it is planned to build 42 FAPs, 6 medical clinics, 5 pathology departments in modular technology, as well as the overhaul of 8 outpatient clinics, 6 health facilities and retrofitting of medical furniture and equipment of 10 objects. "As of 14 June completed the installation of 16 FAPs, operations are conducted at 26 sites. The construction work of pathology departments are being conducted on 3 sites. Work on the construction of outpatient clinics are conducted at 5 sites. On the overhaul of the health care institutions work is being conducted at 5 sites, one object of the work is completed. On capital repair of the outpatient work is carried out on 6 sites, 2 sites are completed," – said Deputy Minister of construction, architecture and housing and communal services of RT Ilshat Gimaev.
  • 14.06.2017

    "Salavat Kupere": a great conversation - dialogue on the most pressing issues

    The Ministry of construction of Tatarstan received many complaints from residents "Salavat Cupere" on issues administered by other departments. Future residents are concerned about the topic of construction of roads, kindergartens, schools, clinics, bus stops, organizing routes. Ministry organized a meeting the platform for open dialogue with state and municipal authorities with representatives of the initiative group of residential area "Salavat Kupere".  The question of the provision of primary health care revealed the head of the health Department of Executive Committee of Kazan Ilnur Halfiev: "Today signed a lease agreement with the State Lived Fund at Zelenovsky building 20, room to 979 sq. m., it will be introduced in stages, the first of 300 sqm will be completed before the first of September, the second 300 sq. m. with the expansion of residents up to the month of December and the remaining 300 sq. m. are planned to provide children's medical care." After the meeting, Deputy Minister Ilshat Gimaev asked to take personal control or to bring to the leadership all came from the residents wishes.
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