New advanced technology products presented by ZAO “TekhStroy” in Ministry today

29 March 2012, Thursday



The meeting of scientific and technical council was held in the Ministry of construction, architecture and housing-communal services of the Republic of Tatarstan today. Together with ZAO “Tekhstroy” there was considered an issue about the possibility of polyethylene tubes and fabricated products application instead of the traditionally used ones (metal, concrete and enforced-concrete and others) at reconstruction, modernization and new construction of water supply and canalization systems for the purpose of the RT water utilities net improvement.


The meeting was conducted by F.M.Khanifov, deputy minister of construction, architecture and housing of the RT. The representatives of ZAO “TekhStroy”, design and other organizations took part in its work.


In his greeting of the meeting participants F.M.Khanifov mentioned that tear and wear of communal infrastructure fixed assets of the Republic of Tatarstan required fundamental reformation.


In the course of the discussion there was considered the expediency of polyethylene tubes application and replacement of traditional ones by polyethylene production of ZAO “Tekhstoy” in water supply and canalization systems. The factory offer to mount piping systems was suggested by the council for relevant organizations consideration.


Among other significant issues of the meeting there were the following ones: state and private enterprises partnership in the field of housing for modernization, reconstruction and new construction of water supply and sewage nets in RT.


In the upshot there was made a decision about confirmation of the presented information on high performance-technical characteristics of ZAO “TekhStroy” production and there were given recommendations for their application in construction.


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