In" Salavat-Cooper " settled 102-apartment house of the second stage

29 December 2018, Saturday

In the residential complex "Salavat Cooper" was the settlement of residents in the 102-apartment building of the second stage № 3A on the street nail Yusupov. The keys to the apartments were received by the participants of the Republican program of social mortgage — employees of budget organizations and enterprises.

Gilmetdinov family today settled in his Studio apartment with fine finish on the eighth floor. Ramil is a nurse in RCH, and her husband Bulat — the foreman at the factory. With them examined the new apartment two-year-old son Daniyar. Before that, the couple lived with their parents in a Studio apartment.

"3 years from the conclusion of the contract, and we move into the apartment. Received housing under the social mortgage. On new year's holidays we are going to move. How to settle down, start thinking in what kindergarten will give the child", - said Ramil.

The keys to a Studio apartment also received the pediatrician of the children's Republican clinical hospital Julia Kadyrov. "We used to live on the street Ibragimova in a one bedroom apartment with my parents. And now with the daughter we will live separately in the one-room apartment. We are very glad that we are moving in, " said Yulia Kadyrova.

The Technical customer was the Department of capital construction and reconstruction of the Executive Committee of Kazan, the contractor — LLC "AK Tash". For 2018 in this district passed 9 houses.


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