Ainaz Yarmiev: "Our Yard" program will continue for three years and will begin in 2020

12 September 2019, Thursday

In Tatarstan, the republican program “Our Yard” is being formed and its implementation will begin in 2020. Today, questionnaires collected from the regions of Tatarstan were brought to the pavilion of the Kazan Fair. In the questionnaires, residents expressed their opinion on the most priority areas for the development of local territories. “This republican project has become a national project. The President of the Republic gave the order to conduct an inventory of all the yards because we did not know how many of them. BTI traveled around all the yards in the republic. Now the Ministry of Construction, together with municipalities, conducts balance-sheet commissions to find out which yards are in the first place in need of repair and whether the opinion of the commission coincides with the opinion of residents. It is necessary to determine the priority of work and addresses,” - said Ainaz Yarmiev, Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services of the RT. In Tatarstan is planned to formulate an address program that will include the following types of work: this is the repair of roads and sidewalks, outdoor lighting, the installation of benches and urns, solid municipal waste sites, children's equipment coated with sand and gravel, and partial landscaping. “We hope that through the implementation of the program, every resident of our republic will be heard and get a courtyard where you can have fun with friends, take a walk with children, relax on a bench in the circle of your neighbors,” - said Ainaz Yarmiev.

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