The Ministry of Construction of Tatarstan expresses its deepest condolences to the family and friends in connection with the death of Tikhomirov Boris Ivanovich

11 July 2020, Saturday

A wonderful person passed away - Boris Ivanovich Tikhomirov, honorary builder of Russia, Honored Builder of the Republic of Tatarstan, for many years the permanent head of the Tatarstan design enterprise "Kazan Giproniiaviaprom" JSC. The whole life of Boris Ivanovich is a vivid example of selfless service to the Fatherland, a chosen cause, loyalty to his ideals and beliefs. He owes his fame and recognition not only to the fact that for over 30 years he has been the head of Tatarstan's leading design company - "Kazan Giproniiaviaprom" JSC, under his leadership numerous projects of industrial, residential and public buildings in Tatarstan have been implemented. On behalf of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture,  Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan, we express our deep condolences to the relatives and friends of Boris Ivanovich. A good memory of him will be preserved by everyone who knew him and worked with him.

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