Issues of Kazan metro construction were discussed in the Ministry

10 April 2012, Tuesday



Today I.E.Faizullin, the Minister of the Ministry of construction, architecture and HCS of RT conducted the meeting concerning the construction of Kazan underground railroad with the participation of heads of the Ministry, directorate of underground transport units construction, design institutes, contractor and subcontractor organizations. In the course of the meeting there were discussed issues concerning the safety technique and protection of labour on sites of Kazan underground railroad construction, schedule of building and construction works and rate of financing. Issues of equipment and building materials delivery to the facilities of Kazan metro during the period when city roads are closed for traffic of freight transport were considered as well.

One of the main issues to be discussed by the meeting participants was the construction of cross passages i.e. reinforced transitions from one tunnel to another one. They are constructed to provide passengers with the possibility to pass only some hundred meters to get into the neighboring tunnel instead of walking along the entire tunnel in case of accident or fire. The construction of cross passages is a very laborious and costly process.

Arguments of some specialists against the construction of these passages were listened to. They referred to the experience of newly designed metro stations in Moscow and motivated their suggestions by such factor as project cost reduction, besides they informed that it would not be necessary to close some city arterial roads and to construct new street railway etc. However the opponents of this solution, fire prevention specialists among them, stated that cross passages provide fire prevention services work. The building owners attracted attention of those present to the fact that any changes of the design at the present stage would bring to construction work disruption, moreover in case if cross passages were not constructed, other solutions concerning passengers’ safety should be undertaken. Contracting organizations assured that they were ready to perform the design according to any suggested projects.

Having listened to all the parties, Minister I.E.Faizullin asked to prepare additional information on the subject of the discussion for further consideration.

The issues of constructed metro stations interior finishing were regarded at the end of the meeting. The Minister of the Ministry of construction, architecture and HCS of RT expressed readiness to discuss the matters concerning the application of certain finishing materials.

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