The number of suspensions on real estate accounting has decreased in Tatarstan

25 November 2022, Friday

From January to November of this year, the Rosreestr of the republic put almost 56 thousand capital construction projects and 38.5 thousand land plots on cadastral registration. At the same time, the number of suspensions when placing real estate on cadastral registration decreased by 2.4 times compared to last year.

Effective interaction between the Rosreestr of Tatarstan and the community of cadastral engineers allowed to reduce the number of negative decisions. In case of identification of grounds for suspension of accounting, this information is promptly brought to a specific cadastral engineer, which allows the contractor to correct documents (technical and boundary plans, survey report, map-plan of the territory) until the decision on suspension is made.

In addition, in order to reduce the number of suspensions, the Rosreestr of Tatarstan, together with the Cadastral Chamber, systematizes typical mistakes made during the preparation of documents, and also analyzes the reasons for suspensions and refusals during cadastral registration.

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