In the village "Three Lakes" of the Spassky district, has opened a renovated House of Culture

15 October 2019, Tuesday

The grand opening of the institution took place with the participation of the head of the district Fargat Mukhametov and other honorary persons. The building was built in 1980, and since then, repairs have never been carried out here. Specialists completely renovated the facility - central heating, cold water, sewage, ventilation systems were repaired; electrical work carried out; the roof, windows, doors, plumbing were replaced; a new scene was mounted. In the renovated building, villagers plan to celebrate holidays, stage performances, and conduct various competitions. In the meantime, eight circles are working according to the club schedule - amateur associations “Svetlyachok”, “Domisolka” and “Young actor”, VIA “Slavyane”, amateur association “Trekhozerskye devchata”, club of interests “Slavyanochka” (for elderly persons), association on checkers "Champion" and a sports club "Zdorovyachok". On the occasion of the solemn event, a festive concert was held at the House of Culture.

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