In Tatarstan, 2 million 269 thousand square meters of housing were built - this is 85% of the annual plan

18 October 2021, Monday
Alexey Frolov, First Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan, reported on the implementation of republican programs in the field of construction and projects within the framework of National Projects today at a meeting in the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan. Thus, the implementation of 17 programs and national projects is nearing completion in the republic. By now, the republican programs have been implemented by 85%. Two programs have been completed, which include 62 objects for a total amount of 132 million rubles. The total estimated cost of 17 programs implemented by the republic is 8 billion 678 million rubles. Of these, the implemented programs “Provision of housing for young families”, “Construction of buildings (premises) of executive committees (Councils) of settlements”.
The share of implementation of National Projects is estimated at 87%. Six National Projects supervised by the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Tatarstan include a total of 99 objects. Of these, 40 have been completed so far. Alexey Frolov recalled that the federal projects "Housing" and "Promotion of the employment of women" this year envisage the delivery of 16 kindergartens. Exactly half of them have already been built and commissioned. 8 kindergartens are at the final stage. Completion of construction and installation works is 94%. The First Deputy Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan reported on how the republican programs are being implemented. So, in the construction of feldsher-obstetric stations, the implementation of construction and installation work is 95%. 21 FOSs were completed, 21 more are in operation. As part of the modernization of primary health care, 4 outpatient clinics are being built. Here, work completion is 91%. In some of the sports facilities, 4 indoor football arenas are being completed - construction and installation work under the program has been completed by 98%.
One of the 6 objects of the program for the construction of children's health camps this year has been completed (construction and installation works are closed by 59%). At an accelerated pace, work is being carried out on individual housing construction. With the plan of 8,330 houses, 10,533 individual houses have already been built. The plan was overfulfilled by 27%.
For commercial construction, the current results are 58% of the plan. In absolute terms, this is 731 thousand square meters, or 94 apartment buildings. 70 apartment buildings are under construction.
For social mortgages, the annual plan of the program is 280 thousand square meters. m., or 161 houses. By the current date, within the framework of the program, 116 thousand square meters of housing have been built, which is 41% of the planned indicators.
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