2 million 362 thousand square meters have been commissioned in Tatarstan

15 November 2021, Monday

The construction of individual residential houses is going on most actively - here the plan has been exceeded by almost a third. 10871 houses or 1 million 467 thousand square meters were built - with a plan of 8330 houses. For commercial construction, the current results are 61% of the plan. In absolute terms, this is 778 thousand sq. m. or 100 apartment buildings. 64 apartment buildings are under construction.

Within the framework of the social mortgage program, the annual plan of the program is 280 thousand sq. m. or 161 houses. By the current date, within the framework of the program, 117 thousand square meters of housing have been built, which is 42% of the planned indicators.

2 million 362 thousand square meters of housing were commissioned in Tatarstan. According to the programs for providing housing for certain categories of citizens from 740 families, 636 participants are included in the category of "Orphans". The stage of concluding contracts with the State Housing Fund has been completed for 632 residential premises, with respect to 4 residential premises, the conclusion of a contract is planned by the end of November. The ownership of the republic has been registered for 164 premises with the settlement of persons from among orphans. The property right of the State Housing Fund is registered for 260 residential premises. 19 premises are registered in the cadastre and undergo the procedure for registering ownership of the Public Housing Stock. 193 rooms are being completed. In the category “Large families raising five or more children”, 42 out of 47 participants have implemented their certificates. Five families are looking for suitable housing. Representatives of the category “Forced migrants, Chernobyl victims and migrants from the Far North” should receive eight certificates for housing this year. Five certificates have been issued, of which three have already been implemented. For three more certificates, municipalities eliminate the identified comments in the registration files of recipients.

Since the beginning of the year, the State Construction Supervision Service has carried out 1,547 inspections. Based on their results, 100 resolutions were issued for a total of 5 million 618 thousand rubles. Self-regulatory organizations carried out 1 thousand 767 inspections. The main investment and construction department of the republic, with control and supervisory measures, went to objects under construction within the framework of state programs 581 times. In total, 993 violations were found at construction sites in January-November.

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