The implementation of national projects in the Republic of Tatarstan is 96% complete

29 November 2021, Monday
At the republican meeting in the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan, Marat Aizatullin reported that work within the framework of national projects this year was completed by 96%. The Ministry oversees 6 national projects, within the framework of which 99 objects are being built with a total estimated cost of 11 billion 900 million rubles. By the current date, 82 of them have been completed. The construction of kindergartens this year is carried out within the framework of the federal projects "Housing" and "Promotion of Women's Employment". Out of the 16 kindergartens, 12 have been built, and four more are being completed. In general, the work under the program is completed by 98%. The implementation of the federal project "Housing" this year provides for both the construction of social facilities and engineering and transport infrastructure. These are 7 objects in 5 residential complexes. In the residential complex "Usadba Tsarevo" of the Pestrechinsky district, the reconstruction of treatment facilities and household sewerage is underway. The work was completed by 52%. In the residential complex "Svetlaya Dolina" in Kazan, the reconstruction of surface runoff treatment facilities continues. The scope of work is 94%. Completed work on the construction of roads, off-site and on-site water supply networks in the residential complex "Leto" in Kazan and the construction of 2 highways in residential complexes of Laishevsky district and the city of Kazan. The Kazan treatment facilities are being reconstructed under the federal project “Improvement of the Volga”. As part of the first stage of reconstruction, contractors have closed 85% of the work scope.
An unauthorized landfill in the village of Prosty, Nizhnekamsk region is being reclaimed within the framework of the "Clean Country" federal project. Work completion is estimated at 98%. 49 objects were included in the federal project "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" in the outgoing year. 48 of them have been completed, the improvement of one object is being completed. In general, the planned volume of construction and installation works has been closed by 99%. Another 8 public spaces are being improved as winners of the Small Towns and Historical Settlements Competition. Of these, 5 objects have been completed, 3 are still in operation - 98% of the planned construction and installation works have been completed.
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