In 2022 it is necessary to build 2m 755 thousand square meters of housing in Tatarstan

10 January 2022, Monday

Speaking at a meeting headed by Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesochin in the Government house of the republic, regional Minister of Construction. Architecture and Utilities Mart Ayzatullin said that 12 federal projects and 44 regional programs in construction and capital overhaul were implemented in Tatarstan in 2021. This year the Ministry will take part in six national projects including monitoring construction of 90 facilities listed in 12 federal projects.

The Minister reported that today contracts for all facilities have been signed with all relevant federal ministries and agencies.

Speaking about emergency situations of utility services during the January holidays, Ayzatullin said that starting from the beginning of 2022 there were 55 cases registered, 38 of them were related to cold water supply, 7 – to hot water supply 5 – to gas supply 4 – to power supply and 1 – to heat supply.  Currently all incidents have been fixe the Minister said. 

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