Work on the overhaul of primary facilities has begun in 30 municipal districts

25 March 2023, Saturday

The Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Aizatullin reported on the state of work on the overhaul of socio-cultural facilities, hydraulic structures and apartment buildings at a meeting in the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan today.

The meeting was held by the Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

In his report, Marat Aizatullin noted that the largest number of objects falls on education. Major repairs of facilities are carried out within the framework of 4 republican and 2 federal programs. 271 objects worth 7 billion 843 million rubles will be repaired. To date, contractors have started work on 34 schools within the framework of the traded facilities. The overall performance is 11%. 92% is estimated for the repair of gyms in schools of Tyulyachinsky and Drozhzhanovsky districts. Of the 9 resource centers included in this year's program, 6 are currently being repaired. The performance of works is 19%.

In the healthcare sector, 3 programs are being implemented this year with a funding volume of 3 billion 584 million rubles. Of the 148 objects, 118 fall on the primary link. Work on primary facilities is underway in 30 municipalities. Their total fulfillment for today is 11%. This week, 2 facilities in the Sabinsky district have been completed. “As for hospitals, state contracts have been signed for 24 medical and preventive institutions, where 29% of work has been closed by contractors. Contracts for the remaining 6 facilities are also scheduled to be concluded by the end of next month,” said Marat Aizautllin.

 In the cultural sector, where 4 programs are being implemented, 36 objects worth 1 billion 41 million rubles will be repaired. Within the framework of the contracted facilities, work is underway on 7 rural houses of culture (22% completion) and 5 educational cultural institutions (the volume of work amounted to 9%).

In the field of youth policy, 29 facilities will be repaired for 1 billion 311 million rubles included in 5 programs. Here, work is underway on 6 children's health camps. Contractors have completed 14% of the work volume. Repairs of 4 teen clubs were carried out by 20%, 8 youth centers - 26%.

In addition, within the framework of the republican programs, 35 social service facilities are being repaired (32% of the volume has been completed). An object in the Tetyushsky district has been completed this week. The performance of construction and installation works on 19 buildings of veterinary associations, departments of agriculture and food and buildings of the Federal institution “ROSSELKHOZNADZOR” is 54%. An object in the Apastovsky district has been completed this week. For 9 forestry buildings, the implementation is estimated at 40%. Work on 1 object in the Aznakaevsky district has also been completed here. The implementation of the repair program of 12 executive committees of rural settlements reached 59%. By the current date, buildings in Drozhzhanovsky, Laishevsky and Pestrechinsky districts have been updated.

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